Carmel in Istanbul

I’m here!!!! 

I landed at Istanbul Airport. The flight was fairly uneventful. But, the food was soooo good!!  I asked for thirds.

I have no idea what the nice lady sitting next to me said during most of the flight. Her name was Inci. I’m pretty sure I agreed to go to her house for dinner this weekend. I think. Mert told me to not just nod and smile when people are saying things I’m unsure about. But, she’s so nice.

He met me at the airport. He’s so sweet. He looks just like his pictures. Tall, wavy blonde/brown hair, muscular build, like a swimmer and teeth that are so white they don’t look quite real. He’s absolutely gorgeous.

 I pointed at Inci and said by butchering her name, “This is Inci! I was sitting next to her on the flight. She’s so nice. We spoke the whole flight.” I think she’s invited me over for dinner. I’m not quite sure. “

Inci had been standing next to me. She was waiting for her husband and kids to pick her up. Mert bent down, kissed the back of her right hand and then respecfully placed his forehad on the back of her hand. This is the customary way to greet your elderly in Turkey. Awww he’s gorgeous and has good manners.

He then gave me a hug, grabbed my arms, stood back and said, “Look at you cilgin kiz! You look just like you.”

I’m assuming this is a good thing. He also smells so good. I love Turkey.

Mert looked at me and asked, “Did you actually speak with each other? Or did she speak to you in Turkish and you smiled and nodded in agreement?”

I said, “Well, it was mostly her. But, she has such a kind smile and she made eating motions, while looking at me and pointing from her to me.”

Mert looked at, a still very smiley, Inci and spoke to her in Turkish.

”Merhaba Inci hanım. Benim adım Mert Demir. Carmel’in arkadaşıyım. Sanırım Carmel sizi yanlış anladı ve ne dediğini pek bilmiyor. Ona yolculuktan ӧnce uçakta anlamadan herşeye başını sallamamasını sӧylemiştim ama beni dinlememiş sanırım. Herhalde kulaklarımı duymuyor nedir. Neyse, sizin onu evinize davet ettiğinizi sanıyor. Eminim yanlış anladı sizi”

Inci said “Evet, tabii ki davet ettim oğlum. Uçakta ӧyle çok yedi ki, zavallı herhalde çok aç kalmış diye düşündüm. Uçakta üçüncü tabağını isteyeni hiç gӧrdünüz mü siz?”

Mert said ”Tamam Inci hanim, eminim iyi kendisi. Merak etmeyin ben aç bırakmam onu. Bir de herşeye kafa sallamamayı ӧğrense iyi olacak”

Inci said “Pekala, umarım güzel ülkemizi sever. Bari hemen yemeğe gӧtürün zavallıyı”.

Mert shook his head and said “Tabii gӧtürürüm”. 

Inci smiled at me, hugged me and said in Turkish, “Güle güle güzel çocuk. Umarım bol bol yemek yersin” And with a funny look on her face she winked, “ve kafanı ӧyle herşeye sallamayı da bırakırsın“.

I hugged her and nodded yes to whatever it was she said. I’m sure it was very nice.

We walked out of the airport into the cold bright parking area. It’s such a nice sunny day. A bit cold. But, I love it. The wind blew my hair into my face when I pushed it away from my eyes

Mert had stopped walking and stood next to a car that looked more expensive than my school loans totaled. 


I heard a beep and the trunk popped open and placed my bags inside. 

I’ve never been in anything so luxurious in my life. You can smell the leather. There were so many buttons it looked like the cockpit in an airplane.


I asked, “Is this your car?” 

He said, “I hope so. But, just in case, maybe we should drive off really fast.” 


As we drove out of the parking lot I ran my fingers along the dashboard and started to touch the buttons that looked like they may be controls for the radio.

Mert took my hand gently in his right hand and said, “Don’t touch that.” With a smile. If I wasn’t so overly stimulated by all of the knobs and leather, the very large sun roof and his very soft hands, I would be miffed. His hands don’t look like they’ve ever done a day’s work. Wow.


 We merged onto the highway.


I asked, ” Are we going to Nisantasi?” 

Mert said, “Since that’s where you’ll be living, I thought it was a good idea to drive there.” 

I noticed a slight laugh when he said that. Sometimes, I’m not sure if he’s a tad bit rude, sarcastic or making a joke. 


I said, “Well since I’ll be staying near Nisantasi I guess it’s a good idea then. hmpt. It’s supposed to be very nice and upscale. I’ll be able to walk to the English speaking school I’ll be working at.” Do you know how to get there?”


With another smirk, he’s also smirky. If that’s a word. I don’t think it is but, it should be.


 Mert said, “We’re going to leave the airport and take the Kemerburgaz ramp to Istanbul. We’ll then continue onto the D020, make a slight left onto Hasdal Kemerburgaz Yolu D020. At some point we’ll be turning right onto Taskisla. Should I keep going? Would you like to help navigate?” 


More of that smirking and a bit too loud laughter. 

“No thank you,” I said. 


He asked, “What is the name of the English speaking school?”

I said, “English Speaking School.” 

“That’s original! If you get lost you can tell someone where you work.” 

And for some reason, he thought it wasn’t rude to start laughing. Again. 

I started to explain why it’s called that and then noticed the music started to get louder and louder. I think it was to cover his laughter. 

He lifted his fingers to his lips and said, “shhh listen to the nice music.”


And with that, he opened the sunroof, turned up the music and drove. Too fast.




Hande Yener- Askin Atesi


Mustafa Sandal – Araba

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