Coming Soon!

I will be adding to this page when Carmel moves to Turkey. 

Until then, be patient and enjoy the ‘Day in The Life’ series. Because you will want to find out how the stories come together. 

Welcome to Forever Mutlu!

Well hello there! Welcome to Forever Mutlu! 

My name is Robyn. Welcome to my stories and Carmel’s blog.

    I’ve always loved reading. Mostly mysteries. Mysteries that you can’t imagine who did it. Or mysteries that you know who did it, But, don’t know how the heroes will ever figure it out. Or you know who did it and why and you don’t want them to get caught. Because they had it coming! I will be adding my ‘Day in the Life’ short stories here every week.

     Now, just because I LOVE TO READ, doesn’t mean I can write stories that anyone else would love to read. But, I’m doing it anyway! Because, why not?

     I believe everyone has something to say. Whether it’s fact or fictional. Because I have a short attention span (and sometimes I’m not sure what the characters should do next ) the stories will be short and will be written in a series format. That means you will want to desperately come back to find out what’s happened to your future favorite characters. Some characters will be fun and friendly and some will be completely bat shit crazy. Because the world is made up of all kinds of people, so are my stories.

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     On this blog you will also find the blog and the beginnings of the book series, Forever Mutlu. Didn’t you wonder why the site was called what it’s called? Mutlu is the Turkish word for Happy. Hence, Forever Mutlu! Something that I wish for all of you to be. 

     Forever Mutlu is a blog and series featuring our heroine, Carmel. She will have her own blog. Yes a blog within a blog, (the excitement never ends!) to keep you up to date with her new life in the beautiful country of Turkey!

     Carmel has recently received her TEFL (Teach English as a foreign language certificate) and will be leaving for the beautiful country of Turkey soon. She will be teaching in a small English school for children and adults in Istanbul. She’ll share with you all of the highs and lows of her journey of living in a new country. Along, with all of the fun, excitement, and drama. There will be DRAMA. Please follow Carmel’s blog. You’ll get to see pictures, maybe some recipes and learn about Turkey.

      I hope this will become one of your favorite places to stop by, learn something new and enjoy yourself for a while. 

      Thank you!  Teşekkür ederim!!!