Jack – part 4

     I filled out my profile, added some pictures and joined. I then scrolled down the profiles and women in the age range and city that I’m looking for. Not here of course. I would rather drink bleach. Within the first five minutes, my inbox started to fill. I found a few ladies. One, in […]

Jack – part 3

   As I explained earlier, the walls are like a piece of paper. On one side of the wall is the parking lot. On the other of the paper lie Steve and Joe. When I was first assigned to this squalor of a complex, I didn’t hear anything. And one night the music started. I […]

Jack – part 2

         Training was incredible. I was picked up by a limousine and taken to a private plane. We landed on an island somewhere in the Pacific. You’ll excuse me if I don’t go into too much detail. It’s not as if what I do is a regular job. As the joke goes, […]


    Well hello there. My name is Jack. I’m 30 years old, 6 feet and swimmers physique. I’ve always been very athletic.  I’m originally from a small college town in California. The town has less than 50,000 people that live there on a full-time basis. It is mostly comprised of students. To get into […]