Maggie Part 5 – Sickness and Selfies

About an hour later Jennifer walked back into the room. She leaned against the doorway.  I said,” You don’t look very well.” “You look tired and a little sweaty.” Jennifer replied, “I said I never feel good after eating and drinking from Mack’s.”  With a tired expression she continued, “Anyway, I decided that we’re not […]

Maggie Part 4 – Jennifer

    The rest of the morning went well.     We started discussing the team Christmas party. I think it should be done with tastefulness and fun.  Most of my ideas were shot down by Jennifer. Honestly, who doesn’t like karaoke?  The Christmas party is a time to let your hair down and have fun with […]

Maggie Part 3 – The office

  The rest of the drive was uneventful as usual. I always stop at Mack’s Doughnut Shop to pick up something for the break room. It’s usually a two dozen mixed assortment and five coffees. I’m not sure how I became the designated gofer. But, I am. Sometimes, I’m just too nice.     I got […]

Maggie Part 2 – Neighbor

    I walked down the stairs, away from my beautiful condo. I squinted. The sky is blue and the sun is already shining on the wooden walking path. . There’s a little pond to the left of my place. I love having a water feature. But, it brings out the ducks and they have […]

Coming Soon!

I will be adding to this page when Carmel moves to Turkey.  Until then, be patient and enjoy the ‘Day in The Life’ series. Because you will want to find out how the stories come together. 

Maggie Part 1 – Morning

My name is Maggie. My weekday mornings are always the same. The alarm goes off at 6AM. I hate waking up this early. But, in order to make it to work, downtown, by 8AM I have to. I’ve lived in the same city all my life. I won’t tell you how many years that is. […]