Maggie Part 9 – Evening wine

  I love Friday nights. Tonight is especially good though. At one this afternoon I got a match on the singles site. I’m meeting him tomorrow for dinner. His name is Jack. He looks smart, sophisticated and sexy. We have so much in common.  But, tonight, I’m going to put my feet up, watch movies […]

Maggie Part 8 – Heading home

   I stopped by my basic mechanics class.  I have been helping the teacher out with some of the classes. Our teacher, Mike, told me that  I had done so well with oil changes and breaks that he likes to show me off to the new students that aren’t sure of themselves. He’s such a […]

Maggie Part 7 – Party Plans

Patrice asked, “What will happen to our group?”  Roy said, “We’ll figure that out on Monday. We’ll, of course, need a new manager and we’ll have to go through whatever Jennifer was working on before this… well, this happened.”  Dennis perked up and said “I think we should respect her wishes and go through with […]

Maggie Part 6 – Prayers and cigarettes

    I had the most wonderful walk. I stopped by Sam’s Florist and treated myself to a nice lucky plant.   I normally get one at the beginning of the New Year. But, why not start now? Every day is a new day to start a new life. My psychologist told me that once. […]