Jared & Amanda- Part 2

AMANDA; I walked slowly down the sidewalk stooped over. I knew there had been a string of purse snatching and some stabbings of senior citizens in the past few weeks. The attacks were happening in the late afternoon and evening. Imagine just minding your own business and someone grabbing your bag?   Some of us […]

Jared and Amanda- Part 1

 JARED; Best. Night. Of. My. F’ng. Life! I got in late. It was Friday night. I think I finally got in around three this morning. School got out early and I went out with five of my best friends to a concert. After that, we went to Oz’s Kebab and ate.  I love that place. […]

My first post!!!

Hey! Hello! Hiya! Or should I say…. Merhaba!!! My name is Carmel and this is my very first post on my very first, and actually only, blog!!! Why am I starting a blog? Considering I’ve never written anything but emails, texts and very bad( but passable) college papers I would be asking me too. Anyway, […]

Jack – part 7

    The next morning I heard some commotion outside. I walked out to find the police, office workers and apartment people. Carmel was amongst them.     She ran over to me and said, “Did you hear anything last night?”     I said, “No. What happened?” With my most fake quizzical look.   […]

Jack – part 6

      Twenty minutes later we were on the sites instant messaging page and chatting away. Of course, my part of the conversation always has to be a bit guarded. There’s only so much I can say. I usually tell people that I’m a contractor for a private company. When people have problems I […]

Jack – part 5

    I walked to the front door. I knocked. Knowing the music would be turned down so I knocked again and said, “Hello, this is Mark from the front office.” They always open the door for the front office. I know this from experience from Carmel telling me that she had someone from the […]