My first post!!!

Hey! Hello! Hiya! Or should I say….


My name is Carmel and this is my very first post on my very first, and actually only, blog!!!

Why am I starting a blog? Considering I’ve never written anything but emails, texts and very bad( but passable) college papers I would be asking me too.

Anyway, guess who’s moving to Turkey? Me! Carmel Rachel Smith, who’s never been to Turkey. And who doesn’t really know any other languages. Including Turkish. But, I’m slowly learning.

“Merhaba” Hello.  “Tesekkurler” Thank you very much. “Benim Adim Carmel” My name is Carmel. See?!  Slowly, but surely.

When I told my dad this he started laughing hysterically. I do love him. But, sometimes he’s a bit rude.

He asked me why would I move somewhere named after a bird?

Bless his heart. He has traveled quite a bit. So, I’m not sure how why he believes it’s named after a bird. I started to explain that it’s not. But, then he started laughing hysterically again. So, I stopped.

Anyway, I’m starting this blog to commemorate my Turkey Journey. Okay, that made me laugh.

I’ll be leaving next week. I’m quite happy to be moving. I live in some questionable apartments and last night my next door neighbors, Steve and Joe, were killed.

I was speaking to Jack, the guy that lives on the other side of them, today. We’re both so shocked. I knew this place wasn’t very nice. But, this is scary. So, I’m so happy to be leaving.

I’m going to be living in Istanbul to work in an English school. I’ll be working with all ages to teach conversational English. I’m so EXCITED!!!!

I can’t wait to see where I’m staying. Apparently, it’s a great area with lots to do and see. I can’t wait to meet my students, try new foods, go to the Grand Bazaar, take a ferry, meet new and interesting people and actually learn the language and have fun.

I’ll write more about how I got this awesome opportunity soon.

I have to get ready to take some things to my parent’s house to leave while I’m gone.

Have I said how excited I am yet?





picture courtesy of @idkitsjule 

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