Maggie Part 9 – Evening wine

  I love Friday nights. Tonight is especially good though. At one this afternoon I got a match on the singles site. I’m meeting him tomorrow for dinner. His name is Jack. He looks smart, sophisticated and sexy. We have so much in common. 

But, tonight, I’m going to put my feet up, watch movies and have a nice glass of wine.

Oh! I just got a text from Dennis…

Incoming text -Dennis: “How are you holding up Mags!”

Outgoing text-Me: “I’m great!”

Incoming text- Jessica: “What’s up chick? I hope I didn’t come off like I didn’t care about Jennifer today.”

Outgoing text- Me: “It’s okay. Everyone grieves in their own way.” (sad face emoji) 

Incoming text –Jessica: “I can’t say that I’m actually grieving. But, I’ll pretend at the funeral.”’

Outgoing text- Me: “I’m getting a message from Dennis.”

Incoming text- Dennis: “I’m getting ready to go out. I’ll have more drinks for you.”

Incoming and outgoing text’s- Jessica, Dennis and Me “We are going to have the BEST.CHRISTMAS.PARTY.EVER!!!!!”


 Just last week I was sitting at my desk wondering “Will this bitch EVER die!” ha-ha-ha-ha    Oh my goodness I almost snorted my wine out of my nose!  

 I think I’ll have one more look at Jack.


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