Maggie Part 8 – Heading home

   I stopped by my basic mechanics class.  I have been helping the teacher out with some of the classes. Our teacher, Mike, told me that  I had done so well with oil changes and breaks that he likes to show me off to the new students that aren’t sure of themselves. He’s such a sweetie.

Mike said, “If you ever need any parts just stop by and pay the wholesale price.”

 I did stop by once. But, it was just to ‘borrow’ some used brake pads. They were so old. They couldn’t be used safely any longer. Honestly, it wasn’t like they were going to be missed. Mike also said if I wanted to I could definitely have been a wonderful mechanic. I agree.

 Before heading home, I stopped by the nursery to get some chamomile. I’m learning to make my own tea. I loved the botany class. I want to make a nice basket for Patrice for Monday. She’s so sweet.  Chamomile is good for calming the nerves. I just have to make sure to use enough that it’s actually effective.

   Sometimes, I am cheap with the main ingredients and it takes a while to notice anything.  I really thought Jennifer would have complained about her vanilla almond milk much sooner.  Due to my weight, I have developed diabetes. I have to make sure to monitor my blood and give myself shots every day. I absolutely hate shots. But, I can’t complain too much. With the teeny tiny needles that I use I can’t feel a thing. I can’t even see where the needle went in. They’re so small that Jennifer never saw the puncture holes they made when I added a little something extra to her doughnuts and almond milk.  I was just lucky she liked her doughnuts sweet and coffee even sweeter.  


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