Maggie Part 6 – Prayers and cigarettes


  I had the most wonderful walk. I stopped by Sam’s Florist and treated myself to a nice lucky plant.

  I normally get one at the beginning of the New Year. But, why not start now? Every day is a new day to start a new life. My psychologist told me that once. She’s nice. I try to be a good person, polite person, sweet and fun person. But, sometimes, I get angry. I have mean thoughts and sometimes I do, we’ll say ummm not very nice things. I wouldn’t harm an animal of course.  Those people are crazy! But, I’ve been working with her for the last two years and I think I’ve made great strides.

  My psychologist also told me that I needed to get out more. Just going to work and the shops weren’t enough for someone to be social and lead a normal social life.  So, I started taking evening classes.

 I began with cooking and then botany classes.  During the botany class, I met a nice lady that said it’s a good idea to take a basic car maintenance class. She took one and said that it really made her feel, “empowered.”  I thought to myself that I’ll learn how to change a tire, do some basic maintenance and meet men.  I can be “empowered” and have a good looking man. How in a class of 20 was the only man the instructor?  This was a noticeable disappointment. But, I did learn A LOT. I actually excelled.


    As I was walking back to the office, I noticed people from the building outside surrounding someone on a stretcher. Next to an ambulance! Oh my goodness. What could have happened?  I saw Dennis standing by the steps.

    I said, “What happened and who did it happen to?”

    Dennis said, “It’s Jennifer. She was coming back from the break room, got to the door, said something unintelligible, clutched at her chest and just fell.”

   Didn’t I say she looked sick earlier? She hadn’t looked exactly what you would call ‘healthy’ in a while. Her hair was thinning.  Maybe, that’s why she wore it up in a bun. Most days’ she was complaining about not feeling well. But, I thought that was due to her overly healthy diet.  Eating that much fiber can’t be good for you, can it?

  Everyone was standing around looking panicked. Patrice was saying prayers and looked as if her world had just come crashing down. Jessica lit a cigarette and was told off, by the security guard for smoking, next to the entrance of the building. She put it out and walked back in and blew a smoke ring inside the entrance. May I add, I’m pretty sure I saw her smile. I like Jessica. But, sometimes she comes off as a bit strange.   

Inside we tried out best to console Patrice. Dennis waved a magazine over her face to cool her down. 

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