Maggie Part 5 – Sickness and Selfies

About an hour later Jennifer walked back into the room. She leaned against the doorway. 

I said,” You don’t look very well.” “You look tired and a little sweaty.”

Jennifer replied, “I said I never feel good after eating and drinking from Mack’s.”  With a tired expression she continued, “Anyway, I decided that we’re not going to have a party this year.” She walked away, towards the bathroom.

  There was a collective sigh that I’m sure Santa heard.  Patrice looked sad, Dennis turned on one foot and stomped off and Jessica put her middle fingers up.  That part was done when Jennifer was far enough down the hall.

    I sat back down and continued typing up my profile for the singles site that I had joined last night.  I had taken at least 30 selfies. Different outfits and angles.  Back arched, lips pouted, lips normal, a happy smile showing teeth, nice smile, no teeth. I’m trying to make sure that I have all of the looks covered. I need to convey that I may be smart, independent and classy. But, I’m also friendly, sexy and really happy!

  This time I’m going to meet someone.   Ooh, it’s lunchtime! I think I’ll go out and walk around the block. I am going to get serious about this losing weight thing.


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