Maggie Part 4 – Jennifer

    The rest of the morning went well.

    We started discussing the team Christmas party. I think it should be done with tastefulness and fun.  Most of my ideas were shot down by Jennifer. Honestly, who doesn’t like karaoke?  The Christmas party is a time to let your hair down and have fun with your coworkers. 

Jennifer said, “No one wants to hear anyone else sing” “Besides, I’m the only one in a relationship. You’ll all be coming alone. Who are you all going to sing and dance with?”

Jessica asked, “How do you know we’re all single?”

The bitch, I mean Jennifer continued, “Maybe, we should save the company some money this year and not have a Christmas party.”

Patrice said “We work so hard all year. We deserve something nice at the end of it.”

Dennis, who normally acts as if he doesn’t really care about anything happening in the office, said “I’m going to start practicing my Beyonce’. I love her!”

 Jessica yelled from across the room, “Who the hell doesn’t want a Christmas party?!”

I said, “Everyone wants a Christmas party. It’s a nice time to get together and have fun. We don’t talk about work and we can get to know each other even better.”

 Jennifer sighed and said, “No. ALL of us don’t want a Christmas party.” With that, she walked out of the room.

Dennis said, to no one in particular, “Someone’s bun is a little too tight today.”



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