Maggie Part 3 – The office

  The rest of the drive was uneventful as usual. I always stop at Mack’s Doughnut Shop to pick up something for the break room. It’s usually a two dozen mixed assortment and five coffees. I’m not sure how I became the designated gofer. But, I am. Sometimes, I’m just too nice.

    I got to work and brought everything in, by myself. I don’t really mind. But, it would be nice to have a little help.

    Patrice said, “Hi Maggie.”

    “Hi Maggie,” said Dennis.

    “Hey, Mags!” screamed Jessica, from across the room.

    “What time do you call this?” asked Jennifer.

      Jennifer is the manager of our team. She became manager last year. I remember it as if it was yesterday. She came walking in with her long blonde hair in a bun, smart looking gray suit and red bottoms and started giving orders.

   I said, “Hi Jennifer. I’m sorry for being late.”  No, I’m not.

   I continued, “It was really busy at Mack’s” 

   Jennifer said, “Maybe you should find somewhere else that’s closer and less busy.”  She continued saying, “Besides, every time I eat or drink something from there I don’t feel well afterward.”  

  Trying to keep my real feelings out of my voice I said, “Well, I don’t have to stop and get anything.”

  Jennifer looked at me, with one perfectly waxed eyebrow, and said, “Then who would?”

    With that, I handed her a cup of coffee and doughnut. Everyone else just asks for sugar and creamer. Jennifer likes hers with extra sugar and creamer. I’m not sure why she asks for the extra cream. She never uses it. She only uses the vanilla almond milk, that’s kept in the shared refrigerator. Written across the container is, ‘MANAGER JENNIFER MC DONALD’.

 Tuesday morning Jennifer said she could tell someone else had it. She came out of the break room, with the bottle and with a grimace Jennifer said, “It has an ounce less today than it had yesterday.”

 She continued, “Now I don’t mind sharing a bit (yes she does) but you can at least ASK.”

  No one said anything. Trust me; I would know if someone else had drunk from it.


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