Maggie Part 2 – Neighbor

    I walked down the stairs, away from my beautiful condo. I squinted. The sky is blue and the sun is already shining on the wooden walking path. . There’s a little pond to the left of my place. I love having a water feature. But, it brings out the ducks and they have turned the rest of the pathway, into a duck toilet. I walked through the security gates to my car. There are so many gates and doors to go through before you can get to the condos. It’s almost like a luxury prison. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. It does keep the riff raff out. You can’t just let anyone in.

    I walked through the final door, to my car. I got in and started it. I began to back up and then heard loud banging on my trunk. I slammed on my brakes. It was Norma and her chihuahua. That thing looks like a rat on a leash. She wasn’t there when I started to back up. She walked behind the car, with a scowl, muttering something. How do you NOT hear a car engine, when it’s right next to you?
With the passenger window still up I yelled, “Sorry, Norma. I didn’t see you and your rat there!”

    I started to drive down the small road to the gate that opens out to the street. Passing Norma and her rat.
I turned left, to go down Green Street. It’s such a strange street. If you turn left you come to a gated community. Turn right and you’re basically taking your life in your hands. One day I was driving home and there was a woman standing on the corner pulling her skirt off. What was under her skirt? She had on bloomers. My friend woke up in 1820 today. If there’s one thing I know for sure…people are crazy. Ha-ha

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