Jared and Amanda- Part 1


Best. Night. Of. My. F’ng. Life! I got in late. It was Friday night. I think I finally got in around three this morning. School got out early and I went out with five of my best friends to a concert. After that, we went to Oz’s Kebab and ate.  I love that place. I always get the same thing. A doner kebab, salad and apple tea.  I’m a creature of habit.


   Before, I met up with my friends I made, what I like to call, a couple of “OPW’s”. That translates to old people withdrawals. Did I need the money? No. But, why not? It’s easy, fast and it’s a challenge. Well, sort of. It’s not as if it’s hard. It’s a matter of location, targets and hopefully a hip replacement or two. hahaha, I’ve been making OPW’s since I was hmmm about 14 or 15. As I said, it’s not that I need it. But, I want it.


  I’m going out tonight with a girl I met at the concert.  She’s lucky I asked her out. She’s not cute. Buts, she seems like she’s up for anything.  It’s like she won the dating lottery. I’m bored. Everyone has gone out. I think I’ll go out and make a withdrawal. I’m going to pick her up at 9:00. So, there’s time.


   There’s a bingo hall on 56th and Bradshaw. It’s my favorite ATM. hahaha


   You May be wondering why I act the way that I do. I’m not from a “bad” neighborhood. I wasn’t abused. I come from a two parent household. I go to a very prestigious private school. I got a brand new Range Rover for my 16th birthday. I have friends and family that love me. Sooo. No. I have no excuse to why I act the way that I do. I’m just a mean little shit. hahaha


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