Jared & Amanda- Part 2


I walked slowly down the sidewalk stooped over. I knew there had been a string of purse snatching and some stabbings of senior citizens in the past few weeks.

The attacks were happening in the late afternoon and evening.

Imagine just minding your own business and someone grabbing your bag?


Some of us ladies carry our lives in our bags. Your favorite functional wallet filled with pictures of your kids and grandchildren, medication, a nice cozy mystery novel and a small emergency kit with enough things in it to do surgery if needed. Okay, the last item might be an exaggeration. But, I, like most women, love their bags and feel as if everything in it can’t be replaced.


I had just gotten to the street lights in front of the thrift shop when all of a sudden my bag was being torn from my right shoulder. I was knocked to the ground and to add to the horror I was called a very foul name and age shamed.

He screamed at me, “Stupid old bitch!”

Why would you feel the need to further degrade your victim after you’ve taken their belongings?

As he smirked I pulled a small silver flip phone, that was strapped to my left ankle and pressed #248.

Nothing happened at first. I pressed #248 again remembered I had changed it up a little this time. And with that, I pressed #369 and then BOOM!


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