Jack – part 7

    The next morning I heard some commotion outside. I walked out to find the police, office workers and apartment people. Carmel was amongst them.

    She ran over to me and said, “Did you hear anything last night?”

    I said, “No. What happened?” With my most fake quizzical look.

    Carmel said, “Joe and Steve. They’ve been killed. Someone stabbed them both!”

With my best fake shocked looked I said, “Noooo. Wow. Who would do such a thing?”

(Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I accept this award for best male actor  lead in a drama!)

   With a non faked shocked face, Carmel said, “I don’t know. I heard the music last night. It was loud. But, that’s normal. I was waiting so that I could call security. But, it went off. So, I just watched tv and chatted online to my friend in Turkey.”

    With my continued wide-eyed fake look of shock, I said, “I kept saying this place is dangerous. I know that they always had the music up. But, that’s no reason to kill someone.”   I really need to take some acting classes. I almost believed myself just then.

  Carmel continued, “Did you hear about the murders in the big blue building downtown? Someone had to have scaled the building to get inside and murder the CEO of that company that’s been charged with all of those crimes out of the country.”

   I shook my head and said, “I don’t watch the news. It’s just too depressing.”  Well, to someone it is. Just not me.

   Carmel said, “He was charged with such horrible things that they thought it was a hit man that did it. They closed the airports and train station. And now this! The police found drugs. They think they were dealers and it was one of those deals gone wrong things.  I can’t wait to move away.”

   See why I said you never just leave after you’re finished with assignments? I’m far too pretty for jail. Ha-ha

   I told Carmel I was moving out. It’s just far too dangerous to be staying here.

   I said, “I’m glad you’re leaving too. With what happened to Joe and Steve. It’s just so random. It could have been me or you.”

   Carmel said, with wide frightened eyes, “I know!”

   Three days later I walked by Steve and Joes old place to knock on Carmel’s door.

   I said, “I’m leaving. I just wanted to say goodbye to you. I hope you have wonderful safe travels to Turkey.”

  Carmel said, “I hope it’s everything I think it will be. I also hope the students like me.”

   I said, “They will love you and you will have many many amazing adventures.”

   Carmel gave me a hug and said goodbye.

   My next assignment will be a bit closer to home. Thank goodness. I’m looking forward to going home and meeting Maggie. I really do hope she’s as normal as she seems.

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