Jack – part 5

    I walked to the front door. I knocked. Knowing the music would be turned down so I knocked again and said, “Hello, this is Mark from the front office.” They always open the door for the front office. I know this from experience from Carmel telling me that she had someone from the office come over. They knocked on their door and they opened it. Steve told them he was adjusting the bass.

     As I was crossing the street I kept thinking, “should I show them who I am or just leave the mask on?” I decided that I want to get the full effect. Steve opened the front door. I know I sound mean but, when he opened the door and he saw the black mask I thoroughly enjoyed watching his dead eyes get very alive.

I pulled my mask up and said, “Hey Steve!”

 Joe heard Steve’s gasp and looked around the corner from the bathroom area.

I said, “Hey Joe!”

     I turned my attention back to Steve and said “I really tried to be nice to you. I tried to be nice to you and do the right thing. But, now I have to do the other thing.”

      I pulled out a kitchen knife. I like this brand. It’s advertised as professional quality stainless steel with a cutting edge nonstick coating that makes slicing easier. I was counting on that.

     I then pulled my mask back down, grabbed Steve firmly by the back of the head and I’ll leave out the gory bits. But, now he has an actual reason to have those dead eyes. Ha-ha

    I closed the door. With the music still thumping I then ran towards Joe. He closed the bathroom door and screamed, “Please don’t kill me!” I kicked the door in. Places with paper thin walls tend to have doors that seem to be made out of cardboard boxes.

    Joe screamed again, “Please, don’t kill me. Help me! Someone Help Me!”

    Joe was standing in the shower holding a bar of soap. If you had ever met Steve and Joe you wouldn’t know they actually owned a bar of soap. Never mind used one. He threw it at me. Goodness.

    Joe said, “Someone will hear me and come!”

   I said, “No one will hear you over that thumping. So, please, continue screaming.”

    And then I sent Joe to the everlasting shower in the sky. Maybe, I shouldn’t make assumptions that he or Steve will actually go towards the light. I have a feeling they’ve been such shits in this life that they may now be playing hide and seek with satans little helpers. 

   Okay, maybe they will go to the great beyond and be shown the errors of their ways and be sent back to earth to be given another chance to become “good people”.

  Nahh, they’re fucked. Ha-ha 

    I turned the music off. Took a look around for a minute. The mess was indescribable. I always say like attracts like. They were equally disgusting.

    I went back the way I came into the complex. Back into the market, grabbed a bag of groceries from Gloria, so that the cameras would see that I actually did go for a reason. Got back into my apartment, put my groceries away. There really were groceries in there. A nice bottle of red, blue cheese and a nice steak. Didn’t Gloria do well?

I sat back down, had a sip of wine, a bite of cracker and responded to Maggie. She isn’t the prettiest of people. But, she seems simple, normal and interesting.

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