BULLIES – Part 2

10 AM

The day is dragging. After I spoke to Dan I just plugged in and got to work. I still haven’t been able to check on all of my feeds. There’s just too much to do. I even had to have my coffee at my desk. I had Cheryl bring it to me.

I peeked outside of my office and said, “Cheryl, hun, bring me a coffee. Two creams and one sugar.”

Cheryl said, ”Um okay.” And said, under her breath, “Hun?” “What the actual.” “It’s not like I’m working on actual work.”

Frank asked, “What did you say?”  And whispered, “You stupid little mouse.”

Cheryl yelled from across the room, “I said Okay!”

Frank yelled, “Don’t yell!”

Cheryl brought in my coffee. It took too long.

Cheryl handed me my coffee and said softly, “Here’s your coffee.”

As she walked away, out of earshot, continued,” I hope you get diabetes.”

 For a second she acted as if she was a bit too uppity to fetch me a cup of coffee. She’s such a little mouse of a female though, so I knew she would bring it in the end. Of course, I had to let her know that it was too sweet. Maybe, I’ll get it myself the next time. To make sure it’s done right. No, I’ll make sure she just keeps fetching it for me. What’s the fun in doing things for yourself, when you’re the manager?

10:58 AM

I finally had a chance to look down at my phone. My best friend Matt had sent me some texts. Actually, a LOT of text messages. I also had app notifications, from all of my feeds. They were totally blowing up! Ha! I knew when I called that little punk, a nice keyboard lashing, it would get tons of traction. People, are loving it. I also had about 20 texts from Susie and a few from Becky. They can wait. But, my meeting cant.

11:05 AM

The meeting was being led by Chris. He’s a good guy. A bit soft. Always wanting to be the nice guy. At first, I thought it was a ploy. To make sure everyone felt as if they were “needed” and “wanted”. Because there’s no “I” in “TEAM.”  But, he actually means it.

We went over the second half of the years projected, hopefully, projected outcome. The more the company makes, the more I make. And I plan on making even more, by the end of the year. My team, that, me, myself and I, lead, is doing well. The one thing that I make sure of, when I hire, is that they all NEED jobs. They make sure to produce results. When they actually need the job to live, not under a bridge, that keeps them on their toes. And they’re always scared of getting fired. And that makes them scared of me. I like when people are scared of me.

The first time I noticed how much I liked people being afraid of me was when I was 10. I was at school, on the playground. I wanted to be able to play third base. I liked the idea of knocking someone to the ground when they thought they were going to make it home. Billy Smith thought he should play third base. Since he was on an actual little league team.

I picked up one of the bats and followed Billy to the bathroom and had a short chat with him.

Frank said, “ I’m going to play third base today. Actually, every day.”

Billy said, ”Sorry, but I always get to play it. Besides, I’m on an actual team.”

And with that, I picked up the bat and swung it at his right arm. It’s hard to play third base when you can’t lift your arm.

Did I get in trouble? Yes. Did I care? No.

 From a very young age, my dad used to say, “Frank, to take what you want. Consequences are for other people. People like us will always win.”

The meeting finally got out at 12:15. 12:15 damn it! 

 I got back into my office and laid out before me was my lunch. I had Cheryl order my favorite from Lucky’s café.

I sat back, took a bite of my caesar salad with steak, washed it down with of soda and grabbed my phone.

I was finally able to have a look and see what fun was awaiting me. And what the hell Susie wanted. She just doesn’t stop texting. As if I won’t see the damn woman after work.

But, first Matt. As they say, “Bro’s before hoes.”  Not that Susie is a hoe. She’s far too boring to be a hoe. From what I gather, online, hoes seem to be much more fun.

Anyway, I grabbed my phone, clicked on, the messaging app that said, “Bro”.



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