BULLIES – Part 1

 Definition: noun: bully; plural noun: bullies

A person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable.

 CONSEQUENCES  Definition: A result or effect of an action or condition

   FRANK:  Male, 45, has been working at the same company since leaving college and hates almost everyone he works with, lives with Susie, spouse of 25 years and two children; 16-year-old Becky and 10 year old David. 

Frank: 7:30 AM – Drive to work

   It takes me about 30 minutes to get to work, with no traffic. I work the regular 8 to 5, Monday through Friday.  I always leave early on Fridays. Of course. I hate work. But, I get paid well and I don’t work with too many idiots. I made sure to get rid of the last person that thought they knew more than me. She may have. But, I won’t be made to look like I don’t work harder or smarter than anyone! I’m the manager and everyone will RESPECT ME. No matter what. I’ve worked for too long and far too hard at this company to not be respected. By EVERYONE.

8:01 AM

I got to work a minute late. I walked in and said hi to all of my subordinates, some may call them colleagues. If you’re not my equal, you’re my subordinate. I have a meeting at 11:00. Hopefully, we can get through this before lunchtime. I left home too late and didn’t have time to check all of my social media. I’m quite popular on some threads. I don’t take any shit and it’s my right to tell people what I think of them and how things should be. So many people are weak and too scared of “repercussions” if they have an opinion. The things I say aren’t opinions. They’re straight FACTS. People have spent so many years being “politically correct” when they need to just say what they mean. And sometimes people need to be told in a certain manner to get it. It’s usually the ones that are, let’s say, nothing like me.


Dan Moran walked into my office. You can tell by his last name why he was hired.

Frank fake cheerfully shouted out, “Hey Dan buddy how’s it going?”

Dan said, “It’s going fine. Just a regular Friday. Working hard and making lists of things to get done around the house this weekend.”

Frank, bored but pretending today said, “I know what you mean. Man’s work is never done.”

Dan said, “I think the saying is, “woman’s work is never done.”

Frank reiterated and said, “No, man’s work is never done. Susie, my lovely wife, is a housewife. She’s lucky she has me, so she doesn’t have to do any real work. What does she actually work at? Go shopping, lunch with friends, take care of kids, that basically can take care of themselves now? Her mother, that old bat, fell and broke her damn hip. She was laid on her living room floor for 3 hours before the husband came home. I’m sure she was laying there crying, like a baby. How’s that for an “I’ve fallen and can’t get up!?”

Frank started laughing hysterically. “I’m sorry. It’s just so damn funny. Anyway, Susie has to go and make her food and make sure she’s got everything she needs. So, as I said before, man’s work is never done.”

Dan, looking embarrassed for Susie, lied and said, “She’s lucky she has you.”

Frank agreed, “Yes she is. Yes, she is.”





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